Juvia: Hormone-free treatment for vaginal dryness

JUVIA is a natural yet effective vaginal moisturizing gel that takes a new approach to treating vaginal dryness. It is recommended to all women for the treatment of vaginal dryness caused by menopausa, pregnancy, infection or other medical conditions. Its unique ingredients have been selected to moisturize the skin and mucous membranes of intimate areas that have special needs.

The vaginal gel contains natural substances, it is fragrance-free, and can be used as an alternative to drugs and cosmetics containing hormone or parabens.


Long term moisturizing effect

Hormone free

Clinically tested

No side effects

It stays in the vagina

Juvia's mode of action

Hydration on the surface of the vaginal mucosa

Juvia binds to and holds large amounts of water inside the vagina, primarily with the help of its HEC and zinc sulfate heptahydrate content. This means constant hydration on the mucosal surface.

They have already found solution

Unfortunately, for a long time I felt this almost unbearable, strong burning and itching feeling. It was really bad I felt like I had to scratch all the time. I tried several things available at the pharmacy, but they have not provide any comfort. Three days after I started with Juvia my symptoms have eased significantly and a few days later they completely disappeared!
I cannot tell the difference between before and after! Before, I was constantly burning, itching … When I started using JUVIA it was a refreshment! And I noticed that I was also getting fewer infections, it certainly reset the balance in my vagina.

Magdolna, 54

I had this feeling that I would never get over the burning, itchy feeling that had existed for years. This feeling of constant discomfort… JUVIA has changed all that, it was pleasant, cooling, no leaking and no marks on my underwear. It gave me reassurance that there is something that I can do to feel better.
I felt its positive effect after only two days. I was very happy with this product because it is really a burning problem. I am sure I would only recommend this to everyone! I will definitely use it in the future. I feel better as a woman!

Eva, 56

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